Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rewards in Heaven - what are they?

I have done some internet search on rewards in heaven in the context of the grace gospel.  The questions to  ask ourselves are :

-what are the rewards/reward  and are/is only awarded on a graded scale based on how hardworking a christian you are?

-how do we reconcile rewards to our salvation that it is not based on works but by grace ?

-is the reward only about the crown of righteousness which every believer will receive or are there different types of reward in the form of different physical crowns of different values?

- how do we reconcile the story of the labourer who worked the last hour being   paid the same amount with the labourer who was recruited in the beginning of the day?

-and many more.......

Here are the links of the articles for you to ponder :

Do Christians Receive Rewards in Heaven for their Works on Earth? - Tony Warren

Do  we get crowns in Heaven? Holy Holy Holy -   Reginald Heber

You Asked: What Are the Rewards in Heaven Jesus Talks About? – Justin Taylor

Degrees of reward in the Kingdom of Heaven? –Craig L. Blomberg

 What do you think?


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