Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A new beginning for 2012- freedom from religion and performance?

My journey into freedom from religion and performance started  when I began to explore  the books of Romans, Galatians and Hebrews. I realise that there is so much talk in those books about law (performance) and grace (unmerited favour of God), old and new covenant and their vast differences and purposes.

The next logical step the Holy Spirit led me was to ask myself whether I am currently living in freedom.  I discovered my christian walk was  under the bondages of religion/hypocrisy and performance.  I also realised that I was living under the confusion of a mixture of law and grace and that explained why I was stagnating in my walk with Him for a long time.  My relationship with Him then was more distant and based primarily on how well I performed.  Now it is totally different. I am now free to be His beloved. It is not based on my performance but the performance of His finished work on the cross.

My journey into freedom has not stopped since; it is still continuing and it is a continual repentance, a changing of mindset from unbelief to belief.  I thank God for the great teacher, the Holy Spirit that is residing in us.
If you are tired of religion and performance or you may have or have not heard about grace and law and their differences, I like  to introduce you to this website .  It contains a systematic, liberating foundational truths that will lead you to understand and walk in the  power of GRACE (Jesus Himself) and set you free from the bondages of religion and performance.

It is pretty self-contained and you can read at your leisure. There are many wonderful teaching articles, such as :

Hope this will help you start afresh on your exciting journey to freedom and rest in Him.  Rejoice

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