Friday, June 3, 2011

The Glory of the New Covenant: The Yoke of the Law and The Yoke of Christ - Douglas Goodin

The Glory of the New Covenant - Part 3 from Front Range Alliance Church on Vimeo.

The apostle Paul called the Old Covenant a covenant of death and condemnation; he called the New Covenant a covenant of life and righteousness. The author of Hebrews taught that the New Covenant is a better covenant based on a better priesthood, better law, better mediator, and, most importantly, better promises. This series explores the differences between the covenants and why the glory of the New Covenant far outshines the Old.

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  1. True. Paul wondered why the church would look to the old when the new was better.

    (IMHO, that new is better than old is not always true, but it is in this case.)