Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exhortation 1-2011 : Beyond our denominational cocoon

Our denomination is only a tiny subset of that infinite God (lying down 8 symbolises infinity). There is much, and much more to know about Father God beyond our denominational cocoon as our Father God is a God of much more.

If we dare to break traditions and venture out of the four walls of our denominations, we will be pleasantly surprised that there are so much goodness and revelation out there from our loving Father. 

Christian Denominations in a nutshell are  nothing more than  collections of believers camping on certain truths, be it adult baptism or teachings of Luther, Calvin....and so on. 

It is time to break camp and get out of our denominational comfort zone and enjoy  the wide open space of God. Think big because our God is infinite (limitless).  Do not become an agoraphobia. We can limit God with our traditions, religion and constipated thinking.


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