Monday, November 1, 2010

Redirecting our spiritual compass

I have found that these two articles in the links below are very useful aids to direct our spiritual compass, particularly, in giving us clarity to understand the periods demarcating the new from the old covenant. So, I have taken the liberty to repost them here to share with you.

I have come to realise that much of the confusion in the mixture of law and grace teachings we hear to day unfortunately stems from our misunderstanding of the period when the new covenant came into effect. I have also found that the period when Jesus was on earth, the gospels, have contributed to much confusion when we do not understand the different audiences that Jesus was addressing as well as the new covenant did not take effect until after his crucifixion.

However, only the truth can set us free, anything other than the truth will imprison us and this is what the enemy would love to hear. One thing for sure, I do not want to be caught bedded down with the enemy as this is treason, and I am sure, you will certainly agree with me. Intellectual or theological gymnastics will not help deliver us - only the Spirit of Truth can reveal to us and set us free.

The prison gate has been thrown open by Jesus 2000 years ago and the lock thrown into the depths of the sea. Why do we choose happily to continue to stay inside in the name of religion and church traditions when we can choose to walk out free? This is something quite astonishing and mind boggling..- it has to be our veiled hearts.

When we turn to the law, our minds are veiled [Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts - 2Corinthians 3:15]. However, when we turn to Jesus, the veil is removed [But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away - 2Corinthians 3:16 ] .

Be delighted with these articles and I am sure this will lift the veil from our spiritual compass . Please click the links below to read:

The cross divides the “Old” from the “New” by Peter Youngren

Reading God’s Word in the Light of the New Covenant by Åge M. Åleskjær


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