Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing the message of Easter?

Easter? ....a holiday season, bunnies, hot cross buns,a time to rock up to a church service as a ritual, a pagan origin...... What is it?

Some christians do not like the word Easter as they believe it is of pagan origin; some prefer to replace Happy Easter with Happy Resurrection day. What do you think? Does it matter?

I believe the message and living in that message of Easter is the most important in our christian walk, not the word Easter in itself.

So what is the message?

This is a time to reflect on what Father God has planned to restore the love relationship with us that was lost through the fall of the first Adam. He sent the last Adam, His only begotten son, Jesus, to die on the cross, so that sin and all the demands of the written code (law) are cancelled. We can now be set free from sin and the legal demands of the law to live in the resurection power (the power that raise Jesus from the dead is now in us). Praise God.

Easter reminds us of the urshering in of the new from the old covenant. Are you living in that message?

Please watch this video.