Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Death to Law: Romans 7:1-6

Hi friends

Here are two teaching videos (Part 1 & 2) which give an excellent explanation on why we are free from the law ( ...and does not mean that we are free to do whatever we like -it is not cheap grace).

If any believer who is still unsure of whether he/she is still under the law or grace or under both, my suggestion is for him/her to discover/check it out from the book of Romans.

I have included the preface posted in You Tube associated with these two videos for completeness :

What does it mean to die to the law? Does it mean we should stop following the Old Testament?

NO...The law is perfect but it does not save a man. What saves a man is God's Grace. The law is written in our hearts, and now with Christ, it is must be followed through with obedience.

I hope these two videos will stir you on to knowing who you are in Christ and to enjoy your relationship with Him......and don't forget to discover more of Him and who you are in the book of Romans :)


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