Saturday, September 5, 2009

10 reasons not to preach the law

This article is from "Nuggets from God's Word" website. Please click on the title to get into thelink. This article is to "prick" the conscience for those who have penchant for the law :)for christian living today.

In reality, most of us know that you will not find a church fellowship preaching only on law per se but on different shades of mixture of law and grace. This is unfortunately where most christians are unaware of.

Charles Swindoll said that believing in grace is one thing, living it is another. This is true. Many church fellowships preach and believe in grace but yet actions speak otherwise. This is confusing. There are many christians unfortunately who do not know the difference between law and grace, (I was one of them before) getting confused and contused when given the message of grace on one Sunday and then given something related to the law on the next Sunday. They find confusing too when reading christian books as a lot of writers are confused themselves too as they also believe a mixture of law and grace.

So as a result,a stage is reached whereby a number of christians do not know where they stand and they find christian living as a constant cyle of rededication and doing better - christian living becomes dreary and too difficult; they look like lost sheep without a shepherd. They find difficulty in discerning the voice of God because of confusing mixed messages they are fed.

The fruit of confusion is definitely not from God as God is a God of order.

The question at the end of the day is to ask ourselves : are we not responsible for our own believing or do we depend on the majority believing of others or are we going to blame our wrong belief at the end of the day on our teachers? We have the choice to make for ourselves - right believing leads to right living. It is our own responsibility and safeguard to filter what we hear by the God of the Word. The noble Berean christians did that too. We have the divine enablement of God to do this and the enemy does not like us to know this. The truth will set us free :))

As we understand the purpose of the Law as given in the Old Covenant, the grace of God pertaining to New Covenant, we can discern what is the truth for us to live in today. Rejoice.

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