Saturday, August 8, 2009

TIME transgresses time

I am prompted to write this, believing that someone out there needs God to intervene. Be blessed.

The God we believe in is not constrained by time as He is the creator of our physical time when He spoke into existence the universe out of nothing. Every planet and galaxies went into existence, the earth begins to rotate on its axis and orbits around the sun to give us what we call hours, days and nights and years according to His Word.

God declares himself to Moses who He is .. “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14). In other words, God is also saying, I AM TIME, but His time is different from our physical time. God’s spiritual dimension of time is that He is the first and last, the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13). The spiritual dimension of time is in fact Himself.

In (Revelation 22:16), Jesus declares He is the Root and Offspring of David. This means David is descended from Jesus and Jesus is descended from David. It is indeed mind boggling if we use only physical time as our basis to understand this.

Jesus is the Spirit of God in ancient times that created the universe, who later appointed David as King and who then became a man in the New Testament, born physically with the genealogy traced back to David and Abraham (measured in physical time!), yet Jesus’ bloodline comes directly from God. Hence, the "Root and Offspring of David." This has also caused confusion to the Pharisees in (Matthew 22:45) in that David calls Him (Jesus) “Lord” and yet Jesus is son of David.

In (Joshua 10: 1-15), (2Kings 20: 9-11), (Isaiah 38: 8), we see examples of our God, the God of I AM TIME, intervene the physical time . Joshua defeated the enemies because God, I AM TIME caused the physical time (the sun to stood still and the moon to stop) , so giving more daylight and moonlight hours to defeat the enemies. In the account of 2 Kings, Hezekiah got a sign from God for his healing…the shadow went backward ten steps on the stairway of Ahaz.

As I begin to understand God’s TIME (Himself) that can override my physical time, it helps me to embrace physical healing which at times I need. When the doctor says that this joint has worn itself due to advanced in age (i.e. because of long physical time, in other words aging), I can only trust TIME to come in to over-rule the damage to my joint due to physical time.

Psychologists like to counsel patients by asking them to tell their history/past encounters or recollections of what happened to them when they were young; for example whether they have been abused, traumatised when young etc. Psychologists like to go back in time..some Christians also like to go back in time…the so called inner healing…or to heal memories. This type of healing is based on physical understanding of time, not the spiritual dimension of time, ie. TIME which is God Himself. If we understand TIME, there is no need for us to dig up our ugly past for healing. TIME over-rules time.

If we have been separated from our partners because of unresolvable conflicts, there is a WAY out. It is TIME to come in to write a new chapter in your lives. Hysterical and historical unresolvable conflicts over long long physical time can bow down under TIME. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD. Be blessed. Rejoice.

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