Sunday, August 16, 2009

I call it tragic – Charles R. Swindoll

I call it tragic. A war had been fought. A president had been assassinated. An amendment to the Constituion had now been signed into law. Once-enslaved men, women, and children were now legally emancipated. Yet amazingly, many continued living in fear and squalor. In a context of hard-earned freedom, slaves chose to remain as slaves. Cruel and brutal though many of their owners were, black men and women chose to keep serving the same old master until they died. There were a few brave exceptions, but in many parts of the country you’d never have known that slavery had been officially abolished and that they had been emancipated. That’s the way the plantation owners wanted it. They maintained the age-old philosophy, “ Keep ‘em ignorant and you keep ‘em in the field.”

Now if you think that is tragic, I can tell you one far worse. It has to do with Christians living today as slaves. Even though our Great Emancipator, Christ the Lord, paid the ultimate price to overthrow slavery once for all, most Christians act as though they’re still held in bondage. In fact, strange as it is, most seem to prefer the security of slavery to the risks of liberty. And our slave master, Satan, loves it so. He is delighted that so many have bought into that lie and live under the dark shadow of such ignorance. He sits like the proverbial fat cat, grinning, “Great! Go right on livin’ like a slave!” even though he knows we have been liberated from his control. More than most in God’s family, the adversary knows we are free, but he hates it. So he does everything in his power to keep us pinned down in shame, guilt, ignorance, and intimidation. – excerpts from p. 95 The Grace Awakening by Charles R. Swindoll.

What do you think? The enemy likes to keep us under law so he can continue to hammer us with his accusations and condemnations. Grace in the person of Jesus releases us from that slavery 2000 years ago. Some are brave enough to continue to stand firm in the freedom that Christ Jesus has fought for us. Be counted as one of them . Rejoice

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