Friday, June 26, 2009

Spiritual maturity - The whole estate is yours.Only believe.

All of us endeavour to continue on the journey to spiritual maturity. Sometimes we feel we are stunted, we hit a brick wall or a plateau and unable with our own strength or discipline to cross over that barrier to continue to move in the next level of spiritual growth.

We think we need more prayers, more teachings, more fastings, more discipline in our quiet times...….. But I want to share with you, there is something else far greater than all these. Please do not misquote me - I do not advocate that prayer, teaching and fasting are wrong, but if we take in the wrong perspective, they can become our little ‘saviours’ instead of Jesus.

In (1Cor 15: 46) we know we can learn spiritual truths from the physical realm. For example, a three year old child, left to his/her own volition, would not know that to steal and to tell lies are wrong as the capacity to understand is not yet developed. So, in the meantime, this little child requires a set of guidelines/rules from the parents to teach about why it is good not to tell lies or steal and the consequences if the rules are broken. Eventually the child learns not to steal or tell lies, because of fear of punishment.

When this child grows up to be an adult, the parents expect him/her to have the capacity to live and to know that it is not right to steal or tell lies, without any further need to implement the rules and punishments. If he/she still requires his dad to constantly monitor his/her movements and to punish him/her if he/she breaks the rule, then this supposedly “adult” has not actually entered into maturity.

In the same vein, the old covenant saints also had the Law, the Ten commandments as the tutor in the interim measure, prior to the coming of Jesus. They knew that breaking the law would result in punishments and curses. So the fear of punishment in relation to breaking the law kept them in check, just like that little boy. Since Jesus had not died and ressurrected during that time, the old covenant saints did not have the capacity to obey God on their own as the Spirit of Truth was not yet given to them; they had no opportunity then like us to be born again. Hence they need the law as a temporary measure. God never intended the law to be a permanent feature.

Now that we can be born again because of the finished work of Christ, we can have the Spirit of God living in us to enable us to live out our life to love God, without any more need of the law and punishments. The Spirit of Truth will reveal all truths about Him to us. Hence, we no longer need the law, the tutor to constantly remind us about God through the fear of punishment.

Hence, only the Spirit of God can bring us to spiritual maturity; it is not the Law. If we still need the law to keep us in check, then we have opted not to fully live in that divine ability of the Spirit; we have opted not to fully move into spiritual maturity, just like that so called “adult” who has not moved into maturity. To call a spade a spade, let me say simply, it is unbelief, an unrepented heart (in simple language, an unrenewed mind).

From (Galatians 4: 1- 7), it is crystal clear that when we are under the custodian of the law, we are just like the heir who is like a child who is no different to the slave eventhough we own the whole estate. Please understand this, the child has to wait until he reaches a certain age of maturity/understanding before he can claim his whole(full) estate.

The fullness of time is already herre for us to be mature to claim our whole estate from God. I do not want for a second to miss out on the whole estate, I want to break out of that leash of the law as quickly as I can.

God has redeemed us from that law, the law that has prevented us from receiving the full(whole) inheritance from our Father. If we choose to live our Christian life under law, then it is impossible for us to get out of this childhood to become sons and inherit the things of God. For, only when we are redeemed from the law, can we receive the full rights of sons. The appointed time is already here, enter into it and why wait any longer? I do not need to be a 30 yr old christian to enter into maturity. I do not need to wait until I have read the whole bible to enter into this maturity. When I am born again, that instant, I believe I can enter into the full rights as sons to inherit the whole estate!.ONLY BELIEVE IN HIS FINISHED WORK ON THE CROSS.

Is that the spiritual brick wall or plateau that we fail to overcome which has stunted our spiritual growth?

Be set free with this truth, don't let the enemy for a moment deceive you to believing that the law will bring victory to your life. The law only prevents you from entering into the fullness(whole) of God's inheritance for you. The law makes you a slave, not a son. Only God redeems us to be sons with full rights. I won't for once want to ever think about balancing grace with law.

The law only causes imbalances. For me, I choose to believe that the grace of God is sufficient for me. Rejoice.

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