Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New covenant triumphs over old covenant living

2 Samuel 3 (The Message)

1 The war between the house of Saul and the house of David dragged on and on. The longer it went on the stronger David became, with the house of Saul getting weaker.

King Saul reflects a person who relies on the flesh while David is a type of person who depends on the Spirit of God. The Spirit and the flesh are constantly at war, they are never at peace and they cannot mix together. The new covenant(the Spirit) and the old covenant(the flesh) will constantly war with each other -they cannot be mixed, otherwise they become a warring mixture!..a christian living in this mixture will not be able to find peace!

The good news - the longer the war between the two households (King Saul and David) went, the stronger the house of David became. New covenant living will eventually triumph over old covenant living, for there is indeed much more glory in the new covenant than in the fading glory or under the veil of the old covenant.

Victorious christian living can only come through God's unmerited grace; living under the law defeats and veils us from believing/seeing what Jesus had already done for us on the cross. Rejoice, know that the Spirit of God triumphs over whatever smells of flesh or man's religioisity.

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