Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You are what you believe

Psalm 135 (The Message)

13-18 God, your name is eternal, God, you'll never be out-of-date. God stands up for his people, God holds the hands of his people. The gods of the godless nations are mere trinkets, made for quick sale in the markets: Chiseled mouths that can't talk, painted eyes that can't see, Carved ears that can't hear— dead wood! cold metal! Those who make and trust them become like them.

The God we serve is not like an idol. Praise God.

However, we can sometimes drift subconsciously into worshipping our living God and treat Him like a helpless idol : that He is out of date so that we have to add the latest philosophies/fads into His teachings, that He cannot protect us so that we have to constantly live in fear, even though He who is in us is greater than he who is of the world; that He can’t speak to us so that we do not bother to keep still to hear Him say; that He can’t hear us so that we have to pray long and repetitive prayers even though He knows even before we pray ...or be careless in our conversations; that He can’t see us so that we can be careless in our walk when nobody sees. And so on….and on.

The good news is God is not dead, He is alive. Unbelief can lead us to idolatory.

Knowing the true image/attributes/character of God is very important. If God is believed to be an employer, our christian walk will be like a good employee, trying to please the employer to get promotion (there is a potential in this weakness for Christian business men who still have not completely got rid of Egypt from them). Our disciples will also follow suit.

If we see God as a God with a big stick ready to beat us up when we go wrong (a hard task master), then we will constantly walk in fear of failure and will try every step to be a perfectionist. We will become a hard task master to the person we disciple. If we believe God’s presence is not in us because we think we are unworthy even though God has qualified us through Jesus finished work, then we will continue to run after God’s presence or anointing. God’s anointing flows through us when we believe that He is resident in us. If we believe God as a God of love, grace and mercy…., then we become one and so are our disciples. And so on…and on.

Believing in the true image of God will help our christian walk. Perhaps it is a time to reflect on our beliefs system and then change our mindsets (repentance or in simple language it means renew our minds) so that we can become true blessings to others? :))

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